Semalt Expert: How To Outfox Phishing Scam Professionals

Phishing is a hacking method which involves tricking the victim into clicking a particular harmful link. For this reason, there are numerous researchers and methods of dealing with spam which websites recommend. For instance, most people have the knowledge that clicking a button or link from a sketchy email can lead to a hack. As much as this information is available, hackers still seem to succeed in their attacks in the same measure. For instance, hackers from Russia got the Yahoo hack using emails containing Malware. The Democratic National Committee information breach is as a result of a Trojan script present in a preview panel of an image. Gmail Phishing scams are also becoming common with each passing day.

Lisa Mitchell, the Semalt Customer Success Manager, told that most phishing attacks depend on Malware in an attachment or link. The email has to convince the victim to perform a particular call-to-action procedure or clicking a link for it to get to the hacking point of the system. Some of the methods which these hackers use are SQL Injections and Cross site scripting. There are many instances where credit card fraud causes many people to lose their money. Phishing can also expose a persons' information to the hands of hackers. Some of the common phishing attacks in this regard include the cases where celebrities give out money to people who threaten to expose their hacked pictures.

Do not click items blindly

Think before clicking. You can avoid most of the phishing attacks through avoiding clicking most of the spam emails. For instance, some of these emails can contain viruses which can compromise the security of your computer system. In other cases, you can click a link and confirm that it belongs to a real person. As a result, you increase your vulnerability to future attacks as well as current attacks. Some hackers employ techniques such as placing an unsubscribe button in the message of their email. Do not click this link. This effect only confirms to the hackers that the email address is valid and can execute future attacks.

Do not download attachments without seeking their validity. Some email providers like Gmail have a security measure of scanning for the Trojans and viruses, which could be present in the emails. These emails can open doors for hack attacks. For Outlook users, set the image preview not to be a default. This state is the current configuration for the email box but can be different for some users. Image previews can execute some virus scripts which can hack the user browsers.

Only legitimate sources

Ensure your emails come from a legitimate source. Some of the domains which scam people are already spam-marked. As a result, delete their emails from the spam folder as quickly as possible. Furthermore, you should consider looking for possible errors in the grammar of use of low-resolution logos. In some cases, phishing emails are not original and can present serious imperfections in the way they try to resemble some legitimate website emails. It is also good to ensure the email provider has a robust backup procedure.

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